Don't trust you lifestyle decision
and your signifiant residential investment
to just any agent


Just as working with a top notch investment advisor, a savvy tax planner, or a renowned medial specialist can make a difference in your results, choosing a luxury home expert offers tremendous benefits.

Experienced buys and sellers of high end residential properties seek real estate professionals with:
   •Skills that come from special training
   •Documented performance at the top of the market
   •The desire to offer concierge level  service
   •An understanding  of the lifestyles of the affluent consumer
   •The tools necessary to accomplish your transaction goals
   •Access to a network of other top luxury professionals 

Agents who have earned the prestigious CERTIFIED LUXURY HOME MARKETING SPECIALIST ® designation have earned this special recognition as a result of special training and verified buying and selling performance. We believe they have competencies and access to tolls over and above the average Realtor.

For example, they can check an affluent buyer prospects financial credibility in seconds using data from the country’s largest aggregator of information about the wealthy. They understand how to use price band statistics ( not market averages) to help you negotiate the best deal. They understand lifestyle marketing and the concept of targeting ” most likely buyers” for your home. Buying? They’ll guide you as you make a wise choice. In short, the choice of CLHMS™ professional starts the smart decision making you’ll do for the next buying or selling transaction.

What a CLHMS knows can make a difference for you.

CLHMS Cick to Verify

To verify that a real estate professional holds the CLHMS designation, look for this
"Click to verify" logo on their website.